Babies stored in freezers


Katie Couric’s recent tour of a $4.5 million Planned Parenthood abortion center in Queens, New York, interestingly failed to show viewers the room where aborted babies are stored, potentially in freezers – the “POC” (products of conception) room.  A common feature of every abortion facility, undercover video released by the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) showed how staffers working in a POC room at a Houston Planned Parenthood stored aborted babies in a freezer.

In that video, CMP actors posing as fetal tissue procurement agents were taken into Planned Parenthood’s back pathology room where they ask to view any “fresh specimens” (i.e., aborted babies). With a smile on her face, the Planned Parenthood assistant told CMP, “We had a really long day and they are all mixed up in a bag.” Then they tell CMP that they keep the “specimens” frozen.

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