Government Criminalizing Rainwater Collection In All Out War On Self Sufficiency


For whatever reason, over the past few years western Governments and main stream media have been finger pointing and mocking those who want to live “off the grid” or even those who show an interest in self sufficiency.

Of course, codependency on the state is the corner stone of authoritarianism so we shouldn’t be surprised to see Governments targetting such ideas more and more.


Collecting rainwater is classically seen as a safe and sustainable way of supplying your household with an off-the-grid water supply. Some people collect rainwater only for a backup reservoir, while others prefer to go all the way and maintain their household with pure off-the-grid rainwater collection. This method ensures water during emergencies, can help control floods, saves money and liberates us from company-dependence for our water.

Consequently, this freedom to collect our own rainwater is currently under attack. State laws have been set up in several U.S. States including Oregon, Utah, California, Florida, Colorado and Washington that prohibit the collection, or “diversion” of rainwater, including water that is falling on your own property and is to be used for your own private use or as an environmental conservation technique.

This idea of state-owned rainwater is opposed both by environmentalists on the left, and libertarians and constitutionalists on the right, and even historical figures such as Chief Seattle when he allegedly said during his 1854 oration to the European colonists“how can you own the rain?”Supporters are mainly governments and collectivists who tend to lean toward ideologies that sacrifice individual liberties.


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